Customer Support

We provide a variety of support options to address the needs of all GrillEye community members

1. Online - live support
A knowledgeable enthusiast from G&C is available to answer your questions the best way possible.
Look for the chat bubble in all pages at:

2. Email support
We commit to responding any inquiry in less than 24hrs from reception.
Contact us at:

3. Facebook page
Our response rate speaks on its own. Send us your message and rate our service.
Look for the "Reviews" tab on our facebook page at:

4. In-app support
For those facing any issue with the GrillEye app or just wanting to share their thoughts about it, the GrillEye app for iOS and Android offers the option to send us directly an email including information about your phone’s Operating System, app version and firmware version in order to assist us in supporting you the best way we can.

5. Phone support
International: +30 210 800 4995

Warranty Information

We offer a limited warranty for GrillEye® manufactring defects. The limited warranty period for the GrillEye® is a definite, fixed period (per applicable laws and regulations in the sales region) commercing on the exact purchase-date. The date on your sales receipt is the date of purchase unless otherwise informed. This warranty policy doesn't not apply to products that may have been electronically compromised or operationally or physically damaged, and does not provide any guarantee for product operation outside of the written specifications. We are only able to assist with warranty claims related to manufacturing defects for products within the limited warranty period.
Full terms and conditions of the warranty:

  1. USA
  2. EU

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