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GrillEye® - FAQs

  • Do I always have to use the switch on the back to power my device on and off?

    Once you set the switch on the back side of your GrillEye® device into ON position, you can power-it-on or off, simply by holding the main button, on the front side, for 3”.

  • How do I setup my preferred language in the GrillEye app? Application

    On top of adapting automatically to your phone’s language settings, the GrillEye® app, also, gives you the option to change the language manually through its settings. In case you don’t find the language of your preference in the app, it means that the corresponding update hasn’t been posted yet. We are constantly updating the app with more languages in order to make your experience with the GrillEye® seamless.

  • Why is it important that the GrillEye® probes are approved by the FDA? Probe

    FDA approval is of maximum importance, because it ensures that grilling or smoking using the GrillEye® probes results in a healthy food, free from residues (e.g. plastic) usually found in other applications. The GrillEye® probes are made of space-grade aluminum for increased durability and resistance to fire. Thanks to the materials used, which do not include plastic parts that may melt on your food under fire or heat, the GrillEye® probes have become the 1st probes worldwide to be cleared by the FDA for safe use with food.

  • My device displays 2 numbers… What is their meaning? Device

    For each thermometer probe, the GrillEye® displays, simultaneously, the current as well as the target temperature, using 2 different LED indicators, so that you can see what's cooking, even without your mobile. More specifically:
    - The indicator on the top displays the current temperature
    - The indicator on the bottom displays the maximum allowed temperature according to the preset selected in the app

    TIP: The first time you use the app, make sure to set the default temperature unit (Fahrenheit or Celsius).

  • Alarms don’t sound on my mobile. Why are they muted? Application

    Once you have successfully connected your mobile to the GrillEye®
    device this can be caused by the following reasons:

    -You have your device muted. In this case, please ensure that your mobile device’s ringer is loud.

    -You have paired your mobile device with a Bluetooth headset and the sound is streamed in the headset instead of your device’s speaker.

    -You haven’t yet enabled notifications from the GrillEye® device. In this case you should update your mobile device’s settings in order to allow receiving notifications from the GrillEye®.

    TIP: In the case of temperature alarms, the “Cool-down time” in settings, may affect the way the alarms sound. Cool-down time represents the time a probe requires to restore its original temperature after reaching the target temperature. During the cool-down time, if the probe reaches the target temperature, no alarm will sound.

  • There is a LED indicator flashing next to the temperature readings on my device and changes colors. Why? Device

    The LED indicator next to the temperature readings on the front of the GrillEye®
    device changes colors depending on the status of connection and alarm:

    -Blue: indicates that the device is ready to connect with a mobile

    - White: indicates that there is no connection

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