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GrillEye® Pro Plus

EAN/UPC 5213008050020

P/N GE0003

99.99 USD MSRP

The first smart thermometer to use hybrid-wireless technology (Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi®). Also the first to use 8 probe ports for unlimited grilling challenges.

The all-European GrillEye® Pro Plus has been created by grilling enthusiasts for the grilling enthusiasts using patent-pending hybrid-wireless and Adaptive Display System (A.D.S.) technologies. GrillEye® Pro Plus gives you a professional edge through unparalleled ergonomics, limitless range and unique features.

use your GrillEye® Pro Plus on

BBQ grills
BBQ smokers
hobs & worktops
fridges & freezers
use it on anything you want to measure, making sure to follow the safety guidelines
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Healthy grilling and smoking

GrillEye® Pro Plus, ensures that your food has met its minimum internal temperature for safe while tasty food. It works with GrillEye® probes, the first FDA certified grilling and smoking probes.

Hybrid wireless connectivity

GrillEye® Pro Plus switches automatically between Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® to deliver you range as far as your wireless signal takes you and optimal power management.

Every taste satisfied

8 probe ports allow you to grill to perfection without worrying about the number of guests, cooking every piece of meat exactly the way each person likes it.

Know-How with no “How?”

GrillEye® leaves the guesswork out of the process, as USDA-ready presets make sure you taste what you’ve craved. Simply select the type of meat and doneness you desire.

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The GrillEye® Pro app

The GrillEye® Pro app

Setting custom or preset temperature alarms and timers has never been easier. Track up to 8 different temperatures simultaneously, whether grilling or smoking, or even both, using your iOS or Android device. Just set your preferences and let GrillEye® do the rest for you.




  • Automatically divided to number of probes connected
  • Direct sunlight readable
  • Night readable


  • Drop-resistant
  • 360° rotating body
  • Strong magnetic mount


  • USB-A to USB-mini rechargeable battery
  • Offers up to 48 hours of use with screen-saving option enabled

Probe clips for ambient temperatures

Since the temperature in a grill or smoker may vary by area, it's as important to know the ambient temperature, as it is for the internal temperature of food

Made for your ease

  • USDA-ready presets
  • Custom and customizable presets
  • Graphs filtering options
  • Customizable settings and alarms
  • Supports Fahrenheit and Celsius scale
  • Multi-language and easy to use app
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices

Battery Specs

Type: Li-Ion, 2500 mAh

Life: Up to 48+ hours*

*proximity illumination active




Max tolerance


Measurement range

-40°F to 572°F

Dimensions & Weight





Net weight

0.53 lbs

Made in Europe

In the box

GrillEye® Pro Plus Smart Grilling and Smoking Device
GrillEye® Meat and Ambient Temperature Probes
Clips for Ambient Temperature Readings
Probe Wraps
Quick user manual
USB mini cable for charging

Product certificates

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