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GrillEye® Probe

EAN/UPC 019962339905

P/N GE0002

19.99 USD MSRP

The first ever grilling and smoking thermometer probe to secure FDA approval for safe use with food.

The GrillEye® professional meat temperature probe is specifically designed for precision temperature tracking with the GrillEye® and the GrillEye® Pro Plus devices.


Safe to use with your food

The GrillEye® probe is the first worldwide meat temperature probe to be FDA approved, as it is constructed solely out of space-grade aluminium and stainless steal, for safe use with your food

Probes with clips for ambient temperatures

Since the temperature in a grill or smoker may vary by area, it's as important to know the ambient temperature, as it is for the internal temperature of food

Use with any grill, smoker or oven

Employing an extra-long wire, GrillEye® probe can be used even in grills with big housing




  • FDA approved
  • Doubles as an ambient probe
  • Heavy Duty

Made for your ease

  • Extendable with the GrillEye® Wire Extender
  • Easy & organized stacking and storage with wraps included in package
  • Use with any grill, smoker or oven

Dimensions & Weight

Wire length


Probe length


Grip length



0.1 lbs

Made in Europe

In the box

GrillEye® Probe, professional meat & ambient thermometer probe
Probe wrap
Clip for ambient temperature readings
Quick user manual

Product certificates

The GrillEye® brand equals safety
evident by its products' certificates

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