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GrillEye® Iris Probe

EAN/UPC 5213008050143

P/N GE0008

19.99 USD MSRP

GrillEye® Iris probe is the first instant, ultra-precise meat and ambient temperature probe, worldwide. Get both target and ambient temperatures in the twinkle of the Eye.


Accuracy of ±0,1°C/ ±0.18°F

GrillEye® introduces new standards in temperature measurements achieving the accuracy of a laboratory grade thermometer.

Maximum speed

Get both accurate target and ambient temperatures, in the blink of the Eye - in just 2 seconds! (May vary based on temperature range)

Safe to use with your food

With GrillEye® safety comes first. GrillEye® Iris probe is FDA certified for safe use with your food.

Probe clips for ambient temperatures

Since the temperature in a grill or smoker may vary by area, it's as important to know the ambient temperature, as it is for the internal temperature of food.




  • Slim-tip
  • Doubles as an ambient probe
  • Heavy Duty

Made for your ease

  • Extendable with the GrillEye® Wire Extender
  • Easy & organized stacking and storage with wraps included in package
  • Use with any grill, smoker, oven or cooktop (it can be used anywhere if following the safety guidelines)

Dimensions & Weight

Wire length


Probe length


Grip length



0.1 lbs

Made in Europe

In the box

GrillEye® Iris Probe, instant & ultra-precise thermometer probe
Probe wraps
Clips for ambient temperature readings
Quick user manual

Product certificates

The GrillEye® brand equals safety
evident by its products' certificates

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