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GrillEye® PRO Plus

revolutionary grilling and smoking thermometer
with hybrid-wireless connectivity
(Bluetooth® and Wi-FI®)

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  • "This definitely looks and feels like an Apple product."

    Τ3 - Technology Magazine
  • "Without any doubt the design is unique and the Bluetooth® range is unbelievable.
    Now I can finally get to watch football with my friends."

    Denis - Holland
  • "It's not the great design the makes the difference. It, simply, does what it's supposed to do; and the app is one of the friendliest I've ever used."

    Stuart - USA
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Become a BBQ Master

The all-European GrillEye® PRO Plus has been created by grilling enthusiasts for the grilling enthusiasts using patent-pending hybrid-wireless and Adaptive Display System (A.D.S.) technologies. GrillEye® PRO Plus gives you a professional edge through unparalleled ergonomics, limitless range and unique features.

PRO Plus hybrid-wireless
Limitless Range surfing on the Cloud

Enjoy your GrillEye® PRO Plus even when outside your home. GrillEye® PRO Plus switches automatically between WiFi® and Bluetooth® to deliver you limitless range* and optimal power management. Never miss a moment from your BBQ sessions.

PRO Plus sumlight readable
Readable screen under direct sunlight

Sun is no problem for the GrillEye® PRO Plus. The display is readable under any weather conditions. This way you can enjoy rich information about your food, without straining your eyes. With GrillEye PRO Plus everything is effortless.

PRO Plus A.D.S.
Interactive information with patent-pending Adaptive Display System (A.D.S.)

GrillEye® PRO Plus is fitted with a massive 2.7” Active Matrix screen that adapts to display meaningful and rich information, according to your use.

PRO Plus 8 ports
8x probe ports

Grill to perfection without worrying about the number of guests. GrillEye® PRO Plus allows you to track, easily, the temperature of up to 8 different probes at the same time.

* Connect the Pro Plus to your Wi-Fi network and get range as far as your wireless signal takes you. Cloud monitoring requires min. firmware ver.: 001.122 and min. iOS app ver.: 3.0 | min. Android app ver.: 1.5.2. GrillEye® Pro Plus requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection with internet access.
PRO Plus features

All the features you ever needed in one

Signature design & unique ergonomics

The GrillEye® PRO Plus redefines the category of App-Enabled, Wireless Grilling & Smoking Thermometers. It has been designed around your wants and needs to be eye-pleasing and feature-rich.

Edge of technology that makes your life easier

The GrillEye® PRO Plus aims in perfecting your experience by using, for the first time in the category, hardware and software technologies that have never been combined in the past.

Healthy grilling & smoking

The grip of GrillEye® probes is made of space-grade aluminum that won't melt in your food like plastic does. This is why GrillEye® probes are the 1st worldwide to receive FDA approval.

360º adjustable viewing angle with rotating body

GrillEye® uses a 360º rotating body, that allows you to adjust the device's position and enhance your viewing angle, whether you are standing or sitting.

Powerful USB Rechargeable battery

No more spending money in buying batteries. Never run out of batteries in Sunday. Simply Pluggin the USB cable and recharge

Magnetic mount for your grill or smoker

Simply attach magnetic base of the GrillEye® to your barbecue utensil or grill and keep grilling all night long!

Updateable hardware with Over-the-Air updates

GrillEye® PRO Plus supports over-the-air updates, and new software is wirelessly delivered to your device.

Advanced power management

GrillEye® uses proximity illumination reducing up to 100% the backlit of the screen when you are not close saving energy.

Entirely made in Europe

We are most discerning and demanding when it comes to quality and by moving production to Europe we have managed to increase further our quality standards

With GrillEye®, SAFETY comes first.
GrillEye® PRO Plus Smart Grilling & Smoking device is fully certified as follows:


Take your grilling & smoking skills to the next level with the GrillEye ® PRO Plus

The GrillEye® PRO Plus works with the entirely new, redesigned GrillEye PRO® App available for iOS, Apple Watch and Android.

Setting custom or preset temperature alarms and timers has never been easier. Track up to 8 different temperatures simultaneously, whether grilling or smoking, or even both, using your iPhone or Android device. Just set your preferences and let GrillEye® do the rest for you.

GrillEye® PRO app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Uses Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher and WiFi® 802.11 b/g/n

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GrillEye® PRO Plus

What's in the box

1x GrillEye® PRO Plus Smart Grilling and Smoking Device
2x GrillEye® Meat and Ambient Temperature Probes
2x Clips for Ambient Temperature Readings
1x Quick User Manual
1x GrillEye® PRO Plus USB mini cable for charging

Blank Phone

End of support for GrillEye Pro Plus firmware versions up to 001.111

Dear GrillEye members,

End of February 2020 we'll be permanently removing the support for GrillEye firmware versions up to 001.111, namely 001.028, 001.030, 001.110, 001.111.

End of support means that, past Feb. 2020, GrillEye devices with the above firmware versions will not be updatable anymore.

We wouldn’t be making this change unless necessary since the host of our early firmware versions is changing infrastructure that will result in our original firmware location becoming unreachable.

Therefore, please update your GrillEye Pro Plus to the latest version (at the time of this announcement 001.124) as soon as possible to be able to continue receiving our updates in the future.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this announcement, or you need assistance in updating your GrillEye Pro Plus device, please email us at

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